Slide IASTM Myofascial Scraper 316 Grade Hyperblade Pro Whether you are an athlete preparing for competition or you are a long term sufferer of chronic pain, myofascial massages provide a plethora of benefits and unmatched relaxation. free shipping SHOP NOW Slide The New Hyperblade Pro NMES Technology Myofascial scrapers combined with NMES Technology. Hyperblade is the next step in the evolution of specialized care. Give your body the stimulation it needs. free shipping SHOP NOW

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Myofascial Release Scrapers The Hyperblade Scraping set is your go-to assistant. Help relieve chronic inflammation and locate problem areas with our high-quality 304 stainless steel. Get back to doing what you love.

Athlon Rub Collection Enhanced sports rub with ingredients that reduce inflammation and increases blood flow from proven natural ingredients.

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Hyperblade NMES NMES Technology is used by professionals worldwide to help their patients achieve maximum neuromuscular control. Hyperblade helps improve performance, muscular stimulation, and provides instant relief on the field or court.

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Who is NMES For?

NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation

Increase your rehabilitation with a state-of-the-art modality. From muscle stimulation to enhanced muscular contraction and reduced inflammation. NMES technology produces an experience like never before.

  • Sports Fitness

    Lactic Acid Buildup

  • Ampoule

    Prosthetic Rehabilitation

  • Stroke

    Increase Movement

  • Muscular Rehab

    Tetanic Muscle Contractions

Powerful Design

What Does NMES Do?

Sooth Sore Muscles

Micro-Current Stimulates and breaks down toxin build-up, creating a more nutrient-rich environment.

Relieve Muscle Fatigue

NMES Technology stimulates muscle fibers, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to be absorbed.

Repair Damaged Muscle

NMES Technology Stimulates motor nerves, which can restore movement or reduce muscle atrophy.

Stimulate Your Body

Dual-action vibrational and micro-current technology allows your body to be rejuvenated and vitalized.

Improve Your Range of Motion

Increase ROM by targeting restricted and tight muscles.

Relax Your Muscles

Dramatically increase blood flow for increased muscle relaxation.