If you would like a relaxing massage with a very mild micro-current then the Kitlnno is the massager for you. The Hyperblade Pro and Prime is great option for those who deep muscle stimulation by contracting muscles.


Muscle stimulation has been used for a long time, and there are many different types of it. Electric stimulation is one of the most popular, and it uses an electric current to stimulate the area.

NMES technology directly stimulates the motor nerves inside the muscle. These nerves are the nerves that directly stimulate your muscle fibers. When using NMES stimulation you activate the nerves creating a muscle contraction. This stimulation creates more neuromuscular efficiency and control.

Electrical stimulation is beneficial to all individuals. From athletes to office workers to people in therapy programs. For athletes, it allows for faster recovery and less lactic acid buildup, for sedentary individuals, it can stimulate your muscle to counter the effects of muscle atrophy.

Tens is similar in the way it delivers the electricity, however instead of targeting specific motor nerves like NMES, it targets the sensory nerves instead. NMES is more efficient for muscle contraction and rehabilitation.

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