Beware of scam sites! We have received many reports about these pop-up stores. These sites will not mention who they are and hide the fact they are not a legitimate business. With the wide availability of TLD Domains as .me .biz. rent etc, anyone can make a fake store.  Beware of these scam sites ending in .us .me .site .live. and others.  One of the main scams sites out there is hyperblade.us, this website was registered in January of 2020, by someone in Slovakia Palarikova 26, Spisska Nova Ves, N/A, 05201, SK. View registration record here.  Unfortunately, with this scam site being in Slovakia we have no easy way to prosecute this scam site.

Hyperblade LLC company’s website hyperblade.net was registered in December of 2019.  View registration record here.  Our business license can be found below, registered in Washington State, USA.  We are open to who we are, where we are located, and started.