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Are you a certified professional looking for the most advanced and up and coming products? We believe in the right hands, tools can be a great benefit, and can assist and even enhance your performance and assist in longevity. With our tools and our program, you will be able to enjoy top of the line services for industry leaders and professionals. 

Who is Eligible?

Our program is for professionals who hold a certification, or degree in any fitness or medical-related field. Typically we work with Physical Therapists, Pain management specialists, Osteopaths, Fitness or Specialized Trainers that assist high-level sporting teams, Massage therapists, and everything in between.

What are the benefits?

  • New Practice Locator: Get listed on our site as a professional, and have a backlink to your site if applicable. We refer our customers to your practice for professional Hyperblade ™ services at no cost to you.
  • Professional Discount: Receive discounted prices and custom deals and orders. Contact us to receive your coupon.
  • Priority Products: Receives emails and information on new and unreleased products, and has first in line to try them out!
  • Commission: If you have a large shop or office and have many clients coming in and out, commission services can allow you to receive a small amount of cashback on every unit sold.


Use the form below and fill out the information. Once approved you will get access to a member account which gives you access to your services.