Hyperblade Kitlnno NMES Heating and Vibration Massager

Hyperblade Kitlnno NMES Heating and Vibration Massager



Heating options up to 107°F on massagers allow the user to comfortably adjust to any use. From legs to your face, heating units allow easier and faster circulation through local areas, allowing nutrients to get back into the area affected, creating an optimal environment in that area.

Three Intensities:

Three different levels allow you to tackle every type of situation. From sore spots to simple relaxation techniques. Turn on the heat, turn on the micro-current, and crank the vibration all the way. You’ll be able to use this unit any way you want.


With a light micro-current to compliment the heating, you’ll be able to promote circulation in the most optimal way. Stimulate those areas with this light and gentle micro-current.

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Allow your body to relax and enjoy a new way to relieve and support muscle and skin soreness. With the extremely lightweight and ergonomic design, you’ll be able to comfortably enjoy a relaxing and gentle massage anywhere. From your face to your hands, this unit can help you achieve your goals. With options like micro-current, and a heating effect, you’ll be able to take full control and choose what, and how you work on those problem areas.

This unit allows you to work on sensitive areas, like your neck, cheeks, and under the eyes. With the gentle and warming effect, combined with the light stimulation effect from the micro-current you’ll be able to enhance your skincare routine, and allow your body to naturally promote circulation.

Not interested in working on your face? That’s okay. With the multi-functional vibrational and heating options, you’ll be able to reach and assist your muscles in a gentle, and comfortable way. Find those sore spots and gently work on it, like a traditional scraper.

Product Features

  • Three levels of intensity allow you to focus on tissue, which can increase circulation, and help with mobility.
  • The Sleek and Ergonomic design allows for easy adjustability to reach any area. Neck, Back, Arms, and legs can all be worked on with ease.
  • Compact, and Extremely Lightweight. The Kitlnno is designed for easy use and portability. With its minimalistic design and extremely lightweight, you’ll forget you even had it with you.
  • Micro-current technology. This unit emits a small micro-current, allowing you to gently work on sensitive areas that need an extra touch.
  • Three adjustable modes allow you to choose what level of massage you want. Choose if you want the micro-current and the heating. The humanized design allows you to comfortably adjust to your preference.
  • Heating, with the option to turn on the low heat, you can gently work on any part of your body, to promote local blood circulation

How to use:

  • Hold the Bottom power button to turn the unit ON.
  • Click the Bottom button to cycle through the three different modes.
  • First mode (blue color) is the lowest and most gentle option.
  • Second mode (green color) is the middle and has a faster vibration rate.
  • Third mode (orange color) has the highest vibration rate, As well as a small micro-current.
  • The Top button allows you to turn on the heating option. Press it to turn it on, and off.
  • To turn the unit OFF, hold the bottom power button, until the unit shuts off.



Additional Information



Rated Power


Rated Voltage


Battery Capacity

2000 MaH

Charging Time

5 Hours


.31 Lbs

Package Contents

Kitlnno Massage Unit, Travel Bag, USB Charging Cable

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