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Hyperblade Prime NMES Body Massager


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Getting a professional massage is sometimes difficult, expensive, and even inconvenient. All you want to do is get rid of those knots, that tension, and even the lingering pain. The biggest limitation we run into is availability and efficiency. Massages aren’t always there ready to go at a moment’s notice, and typical massage guns are bulky, and made for use at home, or at the gym, until now.

Introducing the world’s most durable, strongest, and portable NMES stimulator on the market. With the Hyperblade Prime, you receive all the benefits of a high-grade professional massage, without leaving your home, your car, or even your office. Get that professional massage, anywhere, at any time with our Hyperblade Prime.

The Prime comes in a sleek and elegant design that’s functional, practical, and ergonomic. Combined together the Hyperblade Prime becomes one of the top-tier forms of portable, on-the-go body massage devices.

The Hyperblade Prime is the partner you’ve been looking for. Perfect for any indoor or outdoor activity. Hiking, running, biking, cycling, and even gym classes. Get rapid muscle stimulation and enhance and maximize your recovery with proven results.


Product Description

NMES Massager

Powerful Design

Our top of the line, and easy to use treatment technology ensures that you will be able to receive the best recovery experience around, no matter your background.


Micro-current and NMES technology tackles that lactic acid buildup and prevents muscle soreness.


Micro-vibrational technology accelerates muscle relaxation and promotes the growth of new muscle fibers.

Ergonomic Design

The Hyperblades ergonomic design molds perfectly to your body, no matter the area your working on, the Hyperblade is there to help you reach your goals.

USB Type C Charging

Take the Hyperblade™ Anywhere and recharge on the go with the Universal USB Type – C charging. Once fully recharged the Hyperblade™ can last 14 days with 30 minutes of usage per day!

Sooth Sore Muscles

The Micro-current stimulates, and breaks down toxin buildup, causing less buildup and more relief.

Relieve Muscle Fatigue

NMES technology stimulates those muscle fibers, allowing more nutrients to be absorbed.

Repair Damaged Muscle

Stimulated muscles increase blood flow, causing more oxygen and vital nutrients to be delivered to the tissue.

Stimulate Your Body

Dual action vibrational and micro-current technology allows your body to feel more vitalized.

Improve Your Range of Motion

Engage those tight and restricted areas with dual technology for increased ROM.

Relax Your Muscles

Dramatically increase blood flow for increased muscle relaxation.


Additional Information

Weight35 oz
Dimensions10 × 10 × 4 in



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