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The MYO – Myofascial Massage Gun USB C Portable


$179.99 $149.99

Myo and Mighty Quality relief on the go. The Myo has adapted to become more powerful, and quieter than conventional massage guns. Myo accomplishes what others have not, creating a balance of size and power, making it the most convenient option for getting top tier quality relief, on the go.

When we say anywhere, we actually mean anywhere Hiking, driving, and walking can’t stop cramps and knots from appearing at the most inconvenient times, that’s why the Myo is the perfect companion for any type of trip. Set it in your purse, slip it into your jacket or stow it in your glove box, the options are endless. Easy access for easy use.

Quiet, like never before Enjoy and experience top of the line technology. Tackle those aches and pains with a near-silent Myo Massager. That’s the power of the Myofascial gun.

A battery that you can be proud of With a Lithium 2600MaH  battery, you can rest easy knowing that a charge will be able to last up to 3 consecutive hours of use. With USB-C type charging you can quickly and efficiently charge it while on the go.

Backed by science Trial and error have allowed us to come this far, providing exceptional products that are user-generated and provide top quality service that people can rely on. With an upgraded aluminum shell, larger battery life, and user-tested USB-C quick charging, you’ll quickly find out why the Myo is the new up and coming, portable massager. Enjoy our 4th generation quality built products.


Product Description

Getting a professional massage is sometimes difficult, expensive, and even inconvenient. All you want to do is get rid of those knots, that tension, and even the lingering pain. The biggest limitation we run into is availability. Massages aren’t always there ready to go at a moment’s notice, and typical massage guns are bulky, and made for use at home, or at the gym, until now.

Introducing the world’s most durable, strongest, and most portable massage gun on the market. With the MYO, you receive all the benefits of a high-grade professional massage, without leaving your home, your car, or even your office. Get that professional massage, anywhere, at any time with our pocket-sized MYO.

The MYO comes in a sleek and elegant design that’s functional, practical, and ergonomic. Combined together the MYO becomes one of the top-tier forms of portable, on-the-go therapy devices.

The Myo is the partner you’ve been looking for. Perfect for any indoor or outdoor activity. Hiking, running, biking, cycling, and even gym classes. Get rapid muscle recovery and enhance and maximize your recovery with proven results.

What’s Included
The Myo
Carry Case
Standard Attachments x 4
USB-C Charging cable

Additional Information

Dimensions5.7 × 3.54 × 1.73 in

1600, 2200, 2800






25hz, 36hz, 46hz

Battery Duration



12V High Power and Torque Brushless Motor



Charging Time

3 -5 Hours


USB C Charging


Dark Slate Grey, Slate Grey

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 45 reviews
    Works great

    I really like the power this massager puts out. I'm used to cheaper units with less power and they can never get deep enough but this one definitely can.

    Feels good


    Little package, big punch

    I've been using this almost daily, has helped my muscle tension and pain so much already.

    Good value

    Very good value for what you pay.

    Excellent quality and excellent results.

    I bought this to help my wife relax. Two other family members used it awhile on a family night; our son who does construction work, and our daughter who suffers from TOS. I checked with them the next day about the results from using it in a short time. They both were impressed with how much of a difference they felt the next morning. So I ordered two more. I like the handle's ease and fit. It's easy to maneuver for massage. The heads are easy to change.The power is never weak. Great on level one. The next levels are superb.